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Ready For A Change?

A new coat of paint can drastically change the appearance and livability of your home.  Dark to light will make your living space more airy. Light to dark for a more comfy feel.  By using only the highest quality paint and through expert application, we guarantee your paint job will be a huge success. At Steel Blue Painting, our goal is to provide you with impeccable service and make the painting process as stress free as possible.  We understand the burden of trying to live your life while there are workers in your home.  Because of this, we make it a point to be fast, efficient, clean and friendly. What differentiates us from the competition is our Five Points To Success System.  By using this process we ensure the job is set up right, completed on time and the client is satisfied.

Five Points To Success System

  1. Set up – Room contents are placed in center of room and covered with plastic.
  2. Prep work – Stains are sealed, holes and cracks are filled and repaired, areas are primed.
  3. Painting – All areas of project are covered in two coats of quality paint to ensure full coverage.
  4. Clean up – Rooms are returned to their prior state. Tape is removed, drop clothes are folded and all garbage is placed in contractor bags and removed from the property.
  5. Inspection – Once the job is complete the client is invited to do a final walk-through to inspect the finished project.
Steel Blue Painting is also proud to be one of only a handful of painting contractors on Long Island that is a Certified Lead Paint Removal specialist.  

Many homes built before 1970 may contain lead paint. During the removal process, lead particles are released into the air which can be harmful to children and pregnant women.  By using a special paint removal system, we ensure dust particles are kept under control keeping your family out of harms way.

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